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What People are Saying

Frameri is a new brand focused on giving you some optical bang for your buck.”


The brand’s interchangeable lenses let you update your prescription without having to buy another pair of frames.”


Frameri lets you switch up your glasses in a snap.”


“These specs are an absolute must. Their super chic frames can act as glasses or shades.”


“Frameri Eyewear is like the Mecca of eyewear.”


“Top 5 Most Ingenious Product of 2014”


Our Brand Ambassadors

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Cody Gunningham - Artist
Marianna Jamadi - Traveler/Photographer
Jordan Killpack - Traveler

Hear What Our Customers Are Saying

“Glasses become a fashion accessory and an exciting part of my wardrobe rather than a necessity.”

Ashley R. I Los Angeles, CA

“A really genius idea.”

Linda G. I Detroit, MI

“Love getting my new frames without having to pay extra for lenses.”

Kevin T. I Eagle Rock, CA

“I love my glasses.”

Elisabeth S. I Charlottesville, CA

“Glasses are great looking... receive compliments all the time.”

Aaron C. I Boulder, CO

“The concept of having a single pair of lenses for multiple frames is something other eyewear companies don’t offer. Brilliant!”

Francesca, L. I Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“Glasses are face jewelry... there’s no better way to get a wardrobe of high quality frames”

Mary Anne B. I Hudson, NY

“Keep your frames for life with Frameri’s sophisticated, timeless designs.”

Prabhu P. I Southern, IN

“Feel much more fashionable wearing glasses... and get tons of compliments on them.”

Lydia, L. I Atlanta, GA

“Allows me to update my prescription without losing the frames I love.”

Marisa M. I Los Angeles, CA

“I like being able to switch my sun lenses when wearing glasses outside.”

Nichole M. I Sun Valley, ID

“Game changer”

Rick R. I Dallas, TX

“Quality Eyewear... appealing, simplified pricing”

Rebecca K. I Louisville, KY

“I love the virtual try on feature! Ordering was easy and customer service was great.”

Tonya M. I Cleveland, OH

“Called Frameri and they helped me pick the perfect pair of frame style.”

Greg L. I Loveland, OH